Hello guys,

To begin with i would love to be anonymous  (fingers crossed on achieving that).

I am a chartered accountant and I presently work with a Financial Institution. I honestly believe my life was made more for adventure than analysing numbers and proposals daily ( i love that too though)

I  used to want to be a pilot or race car driver (i think i am an adrenaline junkie…better than drugs dont you think?). I have always wanted a power bike, but no way am I getting one with my parents’ permission. Thank God for friends that have power bikes though… yipeeeeee!

So enough with the chit chat.. I really love to travel. I wish I can just pick up my bags and change location weekly (ok to be fair monthly). However with bills to pay, not enough disposable income and the hustle for visa (Nigeria Passport… I still love my country sha) I am trying a once in a year adventure. I honestly wish I had the rare opportunity of  taking a gap year to go backpacking but for the same reasons as mentioned above including having  lovely Nigerian parents, I had to behave myself..

I have been to about 13 countries so far, if it is beyond Nigeria border it counts..lol (Ghana, Cameroon, Benin Republic, Japan, United Kingdom, Thailand, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Jamaica, Cayman Island and Mexico). My favourite continent so far is Asia, there is so much adventure, culture and good food there. It could be more if i counted transit countries or the countries i passed through from Lagos to Ghana by road but let me just respect myself..

I usually have friends call me up and ask that i help plan their trips, which i am usually excited about even if i aint going. I love bargains (some may call it being cheap).

So Wunmi, I am taking your advise and starting a blog where I will share my travel exploits and that of other interested parties (good, average or bad within and outside Nigeria).