A Weekend at the Alton Towers

I was watching TV one day and my eyes caught an irresistible advert. It was a weekend deal to Alton Towers– one of the best theme park resorts in the United Kingdom! There was no way I was missing this deal. I quickly called my friends and asked if they were interested in getting this deal. Nine of my friends initially showed interest, but in the end, four of them joined me that weekend for an awesome adventure.

Alton Towers is an amazing theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England. It is currently the largest theme park in the UK where people can enjoy lots of rides, fun and adventures. We paid for the weekend deal in February but our trip happened in June. The deal we got was a weekend package that came with the theme park ticket, water park ticket, breakfast and accommodation.

I had been to Disneyland in Japan. Therefore, this visit to Alton Towers wasn’t my first theme park visit but my Alton Towers experience was undeniably awesome. I am by no means saying one theme park is better than the other because Disneyland and Alton towers both give you a different type of adventure. Each theme park is unique and special in their own way. Nevertheless, let me take you on an adventure as I attempt to re-live some of the moments from that epic weekend at Alton Towers.

We started our adventure early Friday morning so we could enjoy as much of the weekend as possible. Our meeting point was the Birmingham train station where we had booked a cab in advance to the Alton Towers. We got to our destination in no time and it was fun galore from that moment.

We had decided among ourselves before the weekend started that we would go on all the rides together and no one could back out. That was a great idea because we got to share every single ride together. We would queue up together, scream together, shout together and come out with the same facial expressions.

We also knew it would not be impossible to do everything in one day, so we mapped out our activities. Friday was for the theme park. Saturday was the theme park again and the water park. Sunday was our spa day.

Friday- Day 1

We checked into our amazing theme room, got our passes at the reception and started our adventure. There is a short in-house train ride from the Alton Towers accommodation to the theme park. When we got to the theme park, the first thing we did was grab a copy of a map of the theme park and then we began our adventure.

We went from one ride to the next. Some rides had longer queues than the others but the waiting was an interesting part of the experience. We did not budget funds to buy FastTrack tickets, so we waited on the longer queue but had fun while at it.  We also went on the Sky Ride cable car, which gave us a lovely view of the park. Friday turned out to be a great day that only made us realize how much of the theme park we still had to explore.


Saturday – Day 2

We planned to wake up very early because we did not get to go on enough rides in the theme park on our first day. We also planned to go to the water park later that day. Another main reason we planned to be up early was that we wanted to get on an astonishing ride called “the smiler” – a theme park favourite.

We noticed there was a long queue on Friday and didn’t see the point of waiting for so long. Getting there early to beat the queue was sufficient motivation for us. As early as we could that morning, we were on the move. Can you guess what happened next? We got there to find out that a lot of people had thought about the exact same thing! We stood on the queue for almost two hours but trust me it was worth the wait because it was such an incredible ride.

After spending half of the day at the Theme park, we quickly ran to our rooms, changed to our swimwear and headed straight for the water park. The water park was a ton of fun and you didn’t need to know how to swim to have a great time. This was definitely a plus for us since we didn’t know how to swim.

Sunday – Day 3

With the weekend coming to end, we decided to pamper ourselves a little bit. We packed our bags and went to the spa. Each of us got a 25-minute massage, which honestly seemed like a short time. It felt like the time was up just as soon as I started feeling relaxed.

However, the spa treatment was wonderful. We had the facility to ourselves – the sauna, the Jacuzzi, the steam room, the pool and every other amenity in that facility. It was an exquisitely quiet and relaxing afternoon.

After our spa treatment, we called it a day, got into our cab and headed back to the Birmingham train station. We bid each other farewell and everyone went back to their daily lives. Even though we had said our goodbyes, I am sure we would remember that weekend for years to come. A weekend trip to Alton Towers should be on everyone’s adventure list if you live in the UK or going on a vacation to the UK. If you cannot make it to Alton Towers, a visit to any theme park is an adventure that everyone should try. It brings out your inner child-like, fun, and carefree self, which is an amazing feeling.

Have you been to a Theme Park? Tell us about your best Theme park experience.

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