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We had four days in Madrid and the main reason we choose it was to shop. The original plan for Madrid was to visit the Royal Palace, Toledo, ziplining, paragliding and then shop.  However after 10 days of walking, travelling, dragging boxes and touring in Europe; fatigue had set in. We had seen enough palace, museums, long queues and all. We wanted to rest.

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So we rested the only meaningful fun way to do on a vacation- we shopped. We stayed at Apartmentos Tribunal-Madrid, spacious and at the heart of the city Centre, it was amazing (but for food and customer service not so great).  There is no better place to stay when shopping at the city centre. There was a Mango shop that was close to our hotel which we ran to every now and then before continuing with other stores.

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I am a major ZARA addict, it is tied to my personality (lmao) and luckily my friend is on board the Zara love train . I can proudly say, the only tour we went on – yes you guessed it. A Zara shopping tour comprising of five Zara store locations.

Google maps, ever dependable made us to take a 45 minute walk to one of the stores. Each Zara store was at-least 4 floors. It was amazing! I can’t translate my excitement into words- it was such a high. Funds unlike diamonds, don’t last forever- shopping left us broke and we didn’t go paragliding again- a singular regret.

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Our last night we splurged on a hotel (NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding) that was way above our hotel budget- a treat to end the trip. OMG best hotel stay ever! Everything was amazing- the beddings, mattress, the space, the bathroom, showers, room service- for lack of a better word, everything was “Amazeballs”. There were lights under the bed and the curtains had its own remote control! Seriously no better way to end such an amazing vacation.

On the last day, we realized we hadn’t taken pictures and decided to stand next to a place that would be perfect for a photoshoot so we could have something to look at as a reference to what a great time we had in Madrid.

To conclude the Euro tour- it’s a must have on your travel list. You cannot go wrong with whichever cities you decide to choose.

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