THAILAND II: Pattaya and Bangkok

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Phase Three (Two Night, Three days):

We took our return flight back to Bangkok and then a two hours bus ride to Pattaya. When we arrived at Pattaya, we took a group cab to our hotel (Citrus Parc Pattaya by Compass Hospitality) which was not too far from the bus station. Our hotel was about five minutes away from two difference beach. We rested for about 20 minute and took a stroll to the beach and had dinner at an amazing small restaurant.

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The next day we went to the other beach, hired a chair under a shade and spent the whole day there eating, resting and enjoying the scenery.

We did not take a lot of pictures at Pattaya because we just wanted to enjoy the scenery and be as light as possible.

Phrase Three: Bangkok (3 night, 4 days):

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We stayed at Hotel Solo Sukhumvit 2, which was perfect. Any hotel in Sukhumvit 2 is the right choice. There are a lot of hotels along the street and the back of the street has such an amazing night life. I became friends with an Arab guy that owns one of the restaurant (that became my spot for dinner, he even knew my order…..lots of We saw way more transgenders in Bangkok than the other cities we went to.


As soon as we got back to Bangkok and checked into our hotel, we immediately went to a platinum fashion mall. How do I begin to describe this mall? It’s like a huge market in a shopping mall with thousands of shops in it. The mall has five levels with each level specializing in various sections i.e. female, male, kids etc.

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When we got to the mall and noticed a lot of people shopping with trolley bags and boxes, we even laughed at them calling them oversabi. A few hours later, we went to buy our own boxes (to be fair, my friend had planned to buy a box which she will sell when we got back to Nigeria). I’m sure by now you all are tired of hearing how cheap everything is in Thailand, but that’s the honest truth, imagine having access to thousands of shops which all sell unique items at ridiculously cheap prices. The most expensive items we bought at platinum mall were 500 baht each and that was because ‘we never open eye well that time’ most things were within the range of 200 to 300 baht. Exchange rate was around a baht to 5.2 Naira then. So just imagine how we shopped. We shopped till our legs started aching and made a decision to return the second day.

Central World

The second day, our first stop was Central World. Central world houses a lot of international brands like Zara, H and M, Victoria Secret and the likes. They also have an outlet where renowned Thai designers sell their wares (prices are from 1000baht up) I have to give it to the Thai for their excellence in craftsmanship, the dresses we saw had impeccable finishing. When we were done with central world, we went to our bff aka platinum mall. Remember when I said ‘our eyes never open’? Well, on this day we found another side of the mall with way cheaper items than we bought the day before (yes the mall is that big). Kai! We were pained o, but we took it in stride and shopped some more.

Terminal 21 mall: sumo wrestler
Terminal 21 mall: London
Terminal 21 mall: samurai

On the third day, we went to Terminal 21. Terminal 21 is a very unique shopping mall, each floor of the mall is built-in form of a city in a country. There is the Japanese floor with the samurai fighter and all things Japanese, the San Francisco floor with the golden bridge, the London floor with the telephone booth, the red bus, Paris with the Eiffel tower and so on . We will confess, we didn’t shop here at all, we just came for pictures. From here I’m sure you can all guess where we went to next, Platinum mall! However, we didn’t go to shop for ourselves, we were helping friends out after we told them the good news. From platinum, we decided to take a stroll back to the hotel and we stumbled on another mall which had lovely items,  we ended up buying 2 skirts from there. What can we say, who can turn down a good shopping deal!!!

Terminal 21 mall: Turkey
Terminal 21 mall: San Francisco
Terminal 21 mall:Golden gate bridge

At the end of the day, shopping in Bangkok is every shoppers dream. With a little money, you can change your wardrobe with unique pieces.

After our shopping we went to get ourselves a superb Thai massage. When we went out to find a place to get a good massage, I was about asking some group of masseuse sitting outside a question, the way my friend dragged me away…lmao. To be honest it didn’t look like a reputable place (if you know what I mean) and I honestly wasn’t considering getting a massage there. So please be careful where you have your massage, there are a lot of funny massage rooms. The massage was a perfect end to a perfect trip.

Finally, Thailand was an adventure of a life time and we plan to go back. Mostly for the shopping, I must admit (it was so amazing and affordable). Travelling is a beautiful experience. It was a well needed and planned vacation and there is nothing better than getting value for money which we did and more. A few things to take note of in Thailand

  • Never point at the picture of the King, do not step on money because of the king. They respect their king so much. So please abide.
  • Culture Shock: There are a lot of transgenders there, which could be strange for some people.
  • Don’t worry about not being able to speak the local language, it’s really tourist friendly.
  • Where possible, ask for a metered taxi, they are far cheaper.
  • You must have fun.


I hope with this experience we have encouraged you to add Thailand to your wish list and we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Hi, love your blog especially the Thailand series. Planning a tour at the moment with my sis and wanted to know if August/September are good times to visit Thai.

    1. Hello Exquisite TI,
      Thanks for the compliment. I can’t wait to go to Thailand again. So much fun memories. August/September are not the best time to visit.Dry season is between November & May; June to October is characterised by heavy rainfall and temperatures are cooler between October & January.
      However, if you are seeking a low season bargain and no crowds, you can still enjoy a worthwhile exploration at this time of the year.I do think that Thailand is always a good bargain anytime of the year.

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